Why backpack vacuum cleaners

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner, then you have a lot of choice. However, if you have to choose the best backpack vacuum cleaner from a list of given choices, then things will become slightly tight. It is worth mentioning here that the only way to keep your office and home sparkling clean is by using vacuum cleaners. The only difference between an office and the home is that for the former, we employ a commercial vacuum cleaner. A commercial cleaner has additional features as compared to that used for home cleaning. Moreover, an office vacuum cleaner is also given added accessories.

The moot question here is why use a backpack vacuum cleaner to clean our offices and homes. The primary reason is that they can be used anywhere whether it is your office or your home. They are easy to store, thus making it easy for people staying in small apartments to store them. They take up very little storage space in a small apartment. Moreover, they are easy to maneuver when cleaning. When you are cleaning, you get a lot of freedom to move, during cleaning. This is because they are adaptable to the circumstances.

Following is a list of the best backpack vacuums of the year 2017:

  • Hoover Commercial C2401
  • AtrixHepa CACBP1
  • ProTeam Super CoachVac
  • Hoover CH30000
  • GV 8 Qt Light BackPack

Given below is a rough review of the above cleaners:

From the above, the ProTeam is the only cleaner with a warranty of three years. In addition, the AtrixHepa is the heaviest cleaner weighing 20 lbs. As far as the editor’s choice is concerned, that distinction goes to only two from the above, the Hoover Commercial and the ProTeam Super. The ProTeam Super has the lengthiest power cord at 50 feet. The GV 8 is a light backpack cleaner that does not have a cord.

As technology evolves, new best backpack vacuum are on the way. Ultimately, you choose which gadget depends on the feature, performance and your cleaning needs. Additionally, the benefits provided by the device also appear. Therefore, it is important to consider your daily cleaning needs and requirements before deciding to purchase a backpack vacuum cleaner. If you just have to clean carpets, pet hair or simply floors, you have to choose a device that will do the work well. However, it must be said here that cleaning can often cause fatigue when the cleaner is not properly used.

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